Friday, August 18, 2017

Key teaching of Ashtavakra

You are not earth, water, fire or air.
Nor are you empty space.
Liberation is to know yourself
as Awareness alone—
the Witness of these.

Abide in Awareness
with no illusion of person.
You will be instantly free and at peace.

Thirst for life and sorrow

The thirst for life is the cause of sorrow. The only reason we suffer is that we are attracted to the unreal and the illusory. We are attracted to illusory pleasures and being bound by desire for these illusory pleasures keep returning life after life and suffering the wheel of samsaric existence. By regarding the unreal as the real, we are bound to the unreal. And since the unreal cannot last, our bondage to the unreal can result in nothing but sorrow and suffering. The only way out is to give up our bondage to the unreal. And take refuge only in that which is real and eternal. That which is free from illusions and unchanging.

This alone can end sorrow. Nothing else.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

On fear

The defining characteristic of my personality is a fear of the future. This personality is terrified of what will happen in the future. It does not allow him to be in the present. Terrified by imagination. The only cure is to take root in the present moment. Indulging in imagination only leads to increase in fear. The mere possibility of some calamity is enough to engender fear.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Love of God

The love of God is the supreme delight of existence. No other pleasure can provide the complete satisfaction and liberation from fear provided by the love of God. The purpose of existence is the love of God. The love of God is the supreme liberation from all sorrow and the liberation from all bondage. To love God is to be aware of awareness. Nothing else is needed.

May you live a blessed life.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Erotic encounter with a masseuse

I took a massage service yesterday with an escort. It was an erotic encounter (no sex, no BJ) that ended with an HJ. I went there mainly because of curiosity and I really wanted to experience what it feels like. Overall, it went well and it did not involve any unsafe practice. Overall, curiosity was satisfied and think the encounter was okay.

It began with the normal back massage and general body massage. But then, she exposed her breasts and allowed me to touch her nipples. They were really soft. Then she removed my underwear and lied down beside me with her breasts exposed and touching my naked body. She started stroking my manhood with her hand and licking my nipple simultaneously, while lying sideways onto me. It got very arousing and I let out my semen in a squirt, which was the end point of the massage.

The following night, I also had a slightly disturbing dream and some loose motions. Not sure if it is related. Hence I recommend that you stick to your practice of seeking bliss within through liberation and not get distracted by external pleasure.

Here is a picture of the masseuse