Saturday, May 19, 2018


There are no moments in timelessness. Only eternity. And eternity does not allow for the existence of even a single moment. If eternity exists, there can be no time. True resting is to rest in eternity.

What I am

It feels like I don't really belong to the world. That 'I' am not really located in this dimension of space and time. That 'I' have never really belonged to the universe. That 'I' have never really had a relationship. That 'I' have never been seen ever.

That 'I' am not of this dimension. That 'I' am the deepest mystery. That 'I' am apart from all.


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Re-discovering solitude

Every moment of solitude is to rediscover the deep joy provided by solitude. Solitude heals the soul. And is where our most authentic self finds its residence.

The bliss of solitude is the deepest joy and contentment. If you are comfortable with solitude, you will avoid foolish decisions.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

On No-self - Bernadette - excerpt - the absolute

Still, if we actually knew the unbridgeable chasm that lies between the true nature of consciousness or self and the true nature of the divine, we would despair of ever making the journey. So consciousness is the marvelous divine invention by which human beings make the journey in subjective companionship with the divine; and, like every divine invention, it works. Consciousness both hides the chasm and bridges it – and when we have crossed over, of course, we do not need the bridge any more. So it doesn’t matter that we start out on our journey with our holy cards, gongs and bells, sacred books and religious feelings. All of it should lead to growth and transformation, the ultimate surrender of our images and concepts, and a life of selfless giving. When there is nothing left to surrender, nothing left to give, only then can we come to the end of the passage – the ending of consciousness and its personally subjective God. One glimpse of the Godhead, and no one would want God back.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Vasanas and action

Multiple thoughts arise in consciousness. Some are acted upon, while others are ignored. It is the specific vasana activated at that instant which determines whether you act on a specific thought or ignore it. By changing the vasanas that get activated, the specific thoughts that are acted upon can be changed.

By accumulating good vasanas, good thoughts are acted upon, and vice versa for evil vasanas.


The deep mystery of darkness. From it arises the illusion of consciousness. Within the illusion of consciousness, the universe of space and time appears. Our lives fading away......

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Fear of being single

I don't feel sad about being single when I am alone. It is only when I am in the presence of other people that I feel bad about being single. The collective influence of others, of culture, of society is what makes you feel ashamed about being single. Sitting by yourself, there is no sadness. Only the collective mindset of society instills the thought of marriage into your mind. And the justification is the fear of loneliness and the stigma of being single.