Sunday, January 14, 2018

Excerpt ~ Urgyen Tulku Rinpoche

In the moment of seeing, in the very moment of seeing your own nature, there is no thought. Thought has vanished. There isn't anything more fantastic than being totally free of thought. Because there is nothing else in this world that can totally bring a halt to can blow up nuclear bombs and use forms and techniques and so forth but nothing will stop thoughts. But at the very moment that you turn your attention towards your own mind, it is evident that it is simply an empty cognizance with no thing whatsoever. It is empty. But yet its the seeing of that because the mind is also cognizance. It is like the primordial original unity that is empty and cognizant. But then the thought happens, that we notice or believe that this is the way it is,..there is nothing more to say than this, it is just like that.

OK, don’t think of anything. Having totally abandoned the thinker and what follows, at that moment, you're only seeing. It's not something you gradually approach, like a spiritual technique. This is what is meant by the phrase, one moment makes a difference, there is complete enlightenment. In one moment, this is the unmistaken Buddha mind. Don't project outwardly, don't concentrate inwardly, don't keep a state in-between. Totally give up any natural effort. Utterly sheer interest. You don't need to (go out of?) your five senses, not at all. Just remaining like this, everything is very clearly experienced. But when you start to investigate a little, you're not involved in thoughts. This is the purpose of (?). What appears to the realm, in the field of your vision, before your eyes, the world, the beings, and soforth, even though experienced, just like the beings without any attention, in other words, disown meditate (?) the disowning of subject and object is the pure form of relating.

Whatever moves or occurs in the realm of your ears, any sound, or the sounding, whether pleasant or fantastic, Just like being in the continuity of sound being interest, because no matter what the sounds, if you hear, the stillness of interest-- the entry of sounding beyond arising and ceasing is the voice of the victorious ones. Do not get involved in process, leading or following. By leaving your thinking to itself, it dissolves naturally, in terms of...Thinking means our thoughts..are naught...if you just let it be, it naturally dissolves. So true wakefulness, to accept or reject, hope or fear, then it is enough. That is sufficient. So what you need to train in, is not not be magnetizing by an act of meditating, and also not to be distracted, even for a second. Being distracted is the same as forgetting, and it is said that on the path of distraction, the demons can ambush. The moment you look towards, acknowledge empty cognizance, that is (for?) having recognized. The continuity of the empty cognizance which you don't have to fabricate in any way, just don't forget it. Once you forget and start to think, then the continuity is lost.

The moment you look, the empty cognizance is seeing, recognized, all of it, and then allow the continuity of the seeing to continue, is the state but, automatically for the ordinary person, again a though occurs. Then you remember, "Oh, I forgot". Then again acknowledge, or notice, "Who forgot?" Then recognize again. Then again you arrive back in this state of recognizing your natural face. That doesn't mean sitting and straining, trying not to be distracted. I's like ringing the bell once, and the sound continues, it doesn't need to ring the bell continuously. Once the continuity fades, we get involved in thought. Then again, notice, "Oh, I forgot, I got carried away". Then, "alright, then go towards", and again look back and recognize it. And again there is a natural ability, a continuity, a continuous state of empty cognizance.

You need to train in that, short moments, many times. We have learned to live this life though training. We have learned how to behave, how to move about. We learn how to eat, (Translator states, Oh, sorry, I got this wrong), We have to train in all the activities of this life, for example, while eating, you taste the food, and you start to think about the food, then notice, "Oh, I got carried away". Again, recognize,, while eating. At that moment, you will arrive back, immediately, into the state of the essence. You forget again, get lost, you can still recognize Buddha nature when you lie down to sleep. WIth your attention, also recognize again. Actually, there is no time when you are not allowed to recognize the nature of mind, even when you sit on (the loo?) It is said like this, that the state of dharmatadu (?) is unimaginable, relax in the impeccable state of awareness. If thought occurs, it arises from yourself, it dissolves back into yourself. Any thought that occurs is your own expression. It is only when forgetting the essence that the expression that takes the form of a thought. The moment you recognize, your own expression, that it arises out of yourself and dissolves back into yourself meaning into the expansive essence, this is what you need to train in, to become used to. There is no other meditation or object apart from that. (Not as much as a dot, even?). But if you get distracted, or get involved in thoughts, So please train in this. That is the practice. This is what the Buddha taught in the (bus?). So here today, he has nothing to say besides this.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Summarizing liberating insights

-Emptiness is the essence of all things and phenomena. Liberation is the realization of the inherent emptiness of all things and phenomena.

-Be honest and kind to others. Compassion and kindness are the best gifts that we can offer others.

-Try to help those in need, with good cheer, without expecting anything in return.

-Cultivate a positive intention towards the suffering world.

-Above all, learn to laugh instead of lamenting at life.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Peace as the end goal?

Just like the fact that money cannot be your end goal, so it is with peace.

Peace also cannot be your end goal in life.

Both money and peace are effects of the way in which you have lived your life. To pursue peace as an end goal may not be the best course to take.

Knowing that God alone exists, what fear prevents you from living life as it comes?
Why be timid, when God is all that there is?
Why foolishly isolate yourself and avoid all risk?
Why should your aim in life be to eliminate all discomforts?
Would it be wise to re-consider your path again?

Maybe peace is the result of having followed a path in life that resonates with your deepest being..

Or maybe peace comes from knowing that you are exactly where you need to be..

Or maybe peace comes from realizing that your life is unfolding exactly as it is meant to..

Or maybe peace comes from sharing your knowledge..

Or maybe peace comes from making the best out of your current situation..

Or maybe peace comes from only changing your mindset..

Or maybe peace comes by performing benevolent actions..

Or maybe peace is the language your soul uses to convey that all is well..

What indeed is peace..

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy new year in silence

This new year was spent mainly in silence. Allow it to heal you. For silence is the surest and truest healer. It allows you to recognize purity as your original nature. And to see that in spite of everything that has happened or failed to happen, your are fundamentally the same. Do not lose yourself in the noise of the world, but come home to silence which is forever waiting.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Past regret

Sometimes, we regret past actions. But the question is, could it have been any different? And who was the one who acted it out? Was it really you? Are you the actor in your life? Is it all you who decides? What if you are merely the witness? What if, indeed?...

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The inward gaze

Inwardly look.
What do you see?
The gaze of the One.
Keep the inward gaze alive.
Outer distractions bind.
The inward gaze liberates.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Rules of Clarity

1. Clarity involves subtraction, not addition.
2. Clarity is a pre existing condition and not something to be attained.
3. Clarity comes from ruthlessly removing the non essentials.
4. Clarity is to see things as they are. This involves the destruction of fabricated beliefs.
5. Introspection does not always lead to clarity.
6. Clarity has no depth.
7. With perfect clarity, making mistakes is impossibe.
8. Clarity generally does not have good appearance.
9.  Fear clouds clarity.
10. Desires cloud clarity.