Sunday, July 15, 2018

The sorrow in the trap of the world

This world that you are born into is a very subtle trap. It traps by creating attachment to its fleeting joys and relationships. Your relationships are your primary source of attachment and loss of any relationship brings with it sadness and despair. Yet, you carry on. The force of life carries you on. You will lose your loved ones, your parents, your spouse and many more. Ever present movement and the flow of life keeps forever moving and changing and causing pain. To have even a slight attachment will result in sadness. The world is neither good nor evil. Its nature is change. And change disrupts. And it hides the changeless.

What can you do but go with the flow of change? What do you really know but this life that you live? And your tears are great cleansers. Cleansers of attachment and worldliness. Truly, there is no redemption to be found here. Only sorrow. Seek refuge, therefore in the sorrow less. The source reality. But there is no life there. Life is here and now, amidst the sorrow that you seek to overcome. Your loved ones are here in this world of change. All the little joys of life is here in the world of change. Oh, great one, you who seeks the truth of the universe and the one God, your life is here and here alone. Other than this, there is nothing else. The great irony. To get rid of sorrow, is to get rid of love. In the absence of love and sorrow, what remains is the changeless eternity.

Your tribe is here. Your love is here. Other than this, there is no love. You, the one who seeks to end sorrow. There is not truth that can be experienced. All that matters for you, dear one, is your perception. Perception of your state. Response to your particular sorrow. Attitude to life. Your only freedom. To choose your response to life. To choose your response to sorrow. To choose your response to change. To choose your response to death. In the end, the only thing that can be relied upon is your unique response to life. Your response to the vast suffering around. You choose your attitude. The most precious treasure. A small light in a dark place can bring joy. A small darkness in a bright place can bring sorrow. The only refuge from the relativities of life lies in the absolute alone.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

The redemption

Even the most favorable circumstance imaginable leaves behind a sense of mild discomfort. Even if you are the king of the world, with the most beautiful and kind hearted wife and have an adorable family, there persists a lingering feeling of some unnameable emotion. The call of the infinite can never really be shut off completely. And no matter how favorable your circumstances may seem, they will change. And where there is change, there is no permanent satisfaction. No permanent contentment. The emptiness of the infinite never really leaves. But slowly starts to swallow.

Neither marriage, nor career nor good health can redeem. Only the infinite. And that my friend is not negotiable.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

On the choice after death

That which has trapped you is the cultural conditioning, also known as the conditioned mind. Cultural beliefs seem to hold tremendous sway over your happiness and freedom. The thought that you have to study hard to pass exams, secure a job, get married, have kids, raise them, retire and demand care from kids in old age, and finally die. If you are unable to complete one stage, life will be misery. And the need for companionship. Any association with a body is suffering.The system is designed to eventually make you dependent on the system. And when you think that you are dependent on the system, you will do anything to be a part of the system. Any action which would make the system to abandon you is considered taboo. Our survival depends on being part of the system. The system is designed only to ensure its propagation and expansion through time. The greatest threat to the system is self realization or the awareness of truth. It is self denial and self deception that propagates the system. The awareness of truth is destruction of the system. Ignorance of the self allows the system to expand. Comparison with others leads only to frustration. To reveal the truth leads only to being branded as insane.

1. Everyday you wake up early to rush to work.
2. At work, you are doing something only so that a corporation can make money.
3. After work you come home totally exhausted, with a revolving mind, and are too tired and exhausted to do anything further.
4. Not working, you will have to face the ridicule and humiliation.
5. Not marrying, you will have to face ridicule and humiliation.
6. getting married will only increase your worries and demands on your time.
7. We go through life completely oblivious of the fact of our ridiculous situation.
8. Nothing on this earth is really valuable. In fact, suffering is much more intense than joy.
9. Why on earth would anyone choose birth (if a choice exists).
10. Is it really birth that is the problem or the nature of the system or our own gullibility? 
11. Hope is the biggest deceiver.
12. The relative nature of this world leads only to misery.

If there is truly a choice after death, do not choose rebirth. No matter how attractive the system might appear. Do not choose birth.

Saturday, May 19, 2018


There are no moments in timelessness. Only eternity. And eternity does not allow for the existence of even a single moment. If eternity exists, there can be no time. True resting is to rest in eternity.

What I am

It feels like I don't really belong to the world. That 'I' am not really located in this dimension of space and time. That 'I' have never really belonged to the universe. That 'I' have never really had a relationship. That 'I' have never been seen ever.

That 'I' am not of this dimension. That 'I' am the deepest mystery. That 'I' am apart from all.


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Re-discovering solitude

Every moment of solitude is to rediscover the deep joy provided by solitude. Solitude heals the soul. And is where our most authentic self finds its residence.

The bliss of solitude is the deepest joy and contentment. If you are comfortable with solitude, you will avoid foolish decisions.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

On No-self - Bernadette - excerpt - the absolute

Still, if we actually knew the unbridgeable chasm that lies between the true nature of consciousness or self and the true nature of the divine, we would despair of ever making the journey. So consciousness is the marvelous divine invention by which human beings make the journey in subjective companionship with the divine; and, like every divine invention, it works. Consciousness both hides the chasm and bridges it – and when we have crossed over, of course, we do not need the bridge any more. So it doesn’t matter that we start out on our journey with our holy cards, gongs and bells, sacred books and religious feelings. All of it should lead to growth and transformation, the ultimate surrender of our images and concepts, and a life of selfless giving. When there is nothing left to surrender, nothing left to give, only then can we come to the end of the passage – the ending of consciousness and its personally subjective God. One glimpse of the Godhead, and no one would want God back.