Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Past regret

Sometimes, we regret past actions. But the question is, could it have been any different? And who was the one who acted it out? Was it really you? Are you the actor in your life? Is it all you who decides? What is you are merely the witness? What if, indeed?...

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The inward gaze

Inwardly look.
What do you see?
The gaze of the One.
Keep the inward gaze alive.
Outer distractions bind.
The inward gaze liberates.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Rules of Clarity

1. Clarity involves subtraction, not addition.
2. Clarity is a pre existing condition and not something to be attained.
3. Clarity comes from ruthlessly removing the non essentials.
4. Clarity is to see things as they are. This involves the destruction of fabricated beliefs.
5. Introspection does not always lead to clarity.
6. Clarity has no depth.
7. With perfect clarity, making mistakes is impossibe.
8. Clarity generally does not have good appearance.
9.  Fear clouds clarity.
10. Desires cloud clarity.

Saturday, September 9, 2017


Love of God alone is the cure for everything. To know that God alone is real is the highest knowledge.

Graditude list

Things I am grateful for:

Self knowledge (Knowledge of the Soul)  tops the list

1. Being alive
2. Free of illness
3. Free of debt
4. Have a job with steady paycheck
5. Having a loving family
6. Living in my own place
7. Access to the internet/knowledge
8. Have a PhD/good technical knowledge
9. Enjoy the pleasure of reading
10. Have enough knowledge/understanding to positively contribute

The unbearable moment

What is it that makes this moment so hard to endure? What is it that makes emptiness/aloneness so freeing, but yet so painful? Knowing deep down that there is absolutely nothing here and the various tasks and relationships of life just games, in which you can get potentially entangled can make life unbearable sometimes. Guess that it is only expectations of there being something else or someone else to feel happy that prevents us from being truly satisfied in the moment. Yet, when life gives you an option and you prefer to reject it, it creates a kind of conflict in the mind.

Knowing that there is nothing to attain, life loses its drive. What then should be the driving force after non duality is seen? It seems at this point that relationships are important to sustain the drive to live.It seems that fear of the future is what makes the emptiness of this moment unbearable. Will I be always alone? Will I have a job? Will my health last? Is the time I spend at work feeling like a waste?
What is it that I seek? What is the root cause of this un-fulfilment?

What is it that I desire to create? What do I wish to share? What are the unresolved issues that need to be addressed? How important is career fulfillment? How do I deep down wish to contribute?

Career is definitely not my top priority. My top priority is that which nurtures and heals. Not that which consumes. What is the source of healing? What is the source of life? Is it outside or inside? Is it sleep? Is it love? Is it service? Is it silence?

Absolute clarity with respect to your only priority is needed. Knowing this alone is enough. When God alone is real, what other priority could exist? The Soul comes always first. The Soul alone matters. In all areas, including career, relationships and service, bring the soul out. This should be the only concern. Everything else can follow.

Knowing the Soul is knowing awareness. Then death is easy. 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

The story of your life

The story of your life has already happened. You are only experiencing it in time. The anguish that you feel regarding missed opportunities and unfulfilled desires and the anxieties about the future is the only free will that you have. When you realize that your life story, including your birth and death, have already occurred, and all that you get to choose are your responses to the story of your life, there comes over a great calmness.

To deeply realize that your entire life is nothing but a role of film being played out can be scary at first. The only choice that you really have is in your response to the story being played out. Your peculiar tendencies and life circumstances are already decided. You can only choose to go with the flow or resist it. To flow willingly or unwillingly. That is really the only choice that you have.

If you are wise, you will flow willingly with life. To resist the inevitable flow is foolishness and invites suffering. The choice is yours.